Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lenel SA and SA Passwords

Lenel OnGuard uses two SA passwords.  The first SA account is within Microsoft SQL.  And the second SA account is in the Lenel database.  Very often, when we do a version upgrade on the Lenel OnGuard software these passwords are not known.  Here's how to handle both passwords:

Microsoft SQL

If this is an existing installation of OnGuard, use Windows Authentication when logging into the SQL Server Management Studio.

Open the Security folder.
Open the Logins folder.
Select the SA account.
Right-click the SA account and select Properties.
Change the password.

Now you can use the SQL SA account to log in or to perform the upgrade.

Lenel OnGuard

Login to SQL Server Management Studio.
Open Databases folder.
Select AccessControl database.
Right-Click the database and select New Query.
In the query window type the following command:
    update users set logonpwd=null where userid = -1
Press F5 to execute the query.
This command changes the Lenel SA account password to a blank password.

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